Girl Meets World Holiday Special posted by on December 5, 2014

We all grew up with Cory, Shawn, Topanga and Mr. Feeny of TGIF’s Boy Meets World and cried when the series that stole our hearts finally ended. In 2012 there was a buzz that a Boy Meets World Spin off was in the works and the internet went wild for it. Finally in June of this year the show spin off featuring Cory and Topanga’s daughter Riley hit TV many 90’s kids felt nostalgic about the Disney Channel spin off but were unsure where it would go or how long it will last.

Christian Broda says that it seems that season one of Girl Meets world was a hit because on August 6th the Disney Channel announced that the show was being renewed for a second season which will hit the air sometime in 2015. Now that the news of season two is out even bigger news comes just in time for the holidays. 

Disney has now announced the Girl Meets World Home for the Holidays special. The episode will premiere Friday December 5th at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on the Disney channel and the old Boy Meets World cast is getting together for the episode. Betsy Randle, William Russ (Cory’s parents) and Rider Strong (Shawn) will all be apart of this special holiday episode. Not only will Topanga and Cory’s daughter be seeing her grandparents (a first on the show) But we all get to see Cory and Shawn reunited again for the first time in years. This Holiday special is shaping up to be a classic reunion episode that everyone is tuning in for. 

What Jared Haftel Can Help You Realize About Your Own Career posted by on December 4, 2014

Learning is important, every day of your life.  I an always learning, trying to get ahead.  I recently came across a CNN piece by Jared Haftel, that was all about what you need to do to write a good resume.  The tips were for investment bankers, but they were also good logical tips that most people could definitely use in their lives.  So I thought I’d bring the man to your attention.  You should definitely check out Twitter if you want to see more.

Jared Haftel is a graduate from Duke University. This guy attended this university in the year 2005 and graduated in 2009. As he was graduating, Jared had managed to amass himself with bachelor’s degrees in Economics, Science and mathematics. All these degrees qualified him to indulge in investment banking, which has been his life long career to this date and was actually his dream career.

Subsequent to an internship in summer with Credit Suisse in the year 2008, Jared Haftel was employed by Merrill Lynich and became an investment banking analyst. In Merrill Lynch, Jared was mandated with the tracking of commodities’ information, focusing on mining, metals, aerospace, chemicals and industries. A moment ago, Jared Haftel worked in the position of an investment banker for certain American bank called Bank of America and at the same time served as an associate of Vector Capital.

Jared Haftel has shared some of his wit and experience to the world in various ways and among them is by highlighting the important steps of writing a resume for investment banking, and he’s even done videos in the past. He starts by explaining that, landing employment in the post of investment banking is like every other profession. What you need to do is just send your resumes when there are job vacancies, and then wait for a reply from the employer or the recruiting agency. Nevertheless, similar to all other jobs, the manner you draft your resume determines everything. Jared explains that, you have to be in position to create a sensible resume that summarizes everything that you have achieved, and show how relevant it is as far as the position you are looking for is concerned.

According to Jared Haftel, who is an experienced investment banker, these hints are very important when writing investment banking resume. He firmly states that, crafting a resume that will appeal to the employment been sought after is very important.

Jared Haftel also shares a piece of his mind on matters concerning succeeding in an investment banking interview. He first admits that every interview process is brutal. This comes as result of the hurdle that an interviewee faces as they try to understand what the employer may be looking for during the interview and sometimes becomes very hard to progress, but that’s why he takes to Facebook to encourage people to get out there. This is the main reason why it is important for anyone going for an interview to research well before attending the interview. It is paramount for you as a job applicant for investment banking to equip yourself with vast information concerning what big and well-known investment banking institutions look out for or require. This helps you find any relevant job that such institutions offer. In this regard, you must think cautiously about some distinct factors.

Jared starts by stating that your appearance is very vital when going for an interview. You have to ensure that you have worn decently, have a tie and you should present yourself in a professional way. Personality is another important factor that should be looked into when going for an interview. You should try to have a pleasing and positive character. You should come ready for the queries that you are probably to be asked. You should also prepare your answers carefully; ensure that you are in a position to bring forth answers that will resonate.

In a nutshell, I can frankly say that Jared Haftel is a young man who has achieved a lot in investment banking and he has used the opportunity to help people understand ways of getting started in investment banking once they are out of college.  On a side note, found his GrooveShark page and he has good taste in music too.  So that means he has to be trustworthy right?

Darren Wilson resigned because of credible threats, says lawyers posted by on December 4, 2014

Its been almost a week since a Missouri grand jury decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown in August of this year, but the fallout continues. Wilson announced over the holiday weekend that he would be resigning as an officer of the police force. He cited the “safety of other police officers and the community” as his chief reason for deciding to resign.


Now his lawyer has spoken out saying that Wilson’s decision to resign came almost immediately after Ferguson’s police chief told Wilson of “credible threats” that had been made. Wilson’s lawyer says that Wilson believed that if he resigned that it would alleviate the possibility of those threats coming to fruition.


Shortly after announcing his resignation, it was revealed that Wilson will not receive a severance package and that he will not be eligible for the pension that he was due to begin receiving in less than a year. This is a pretty big blow to his future finances if you ask Susan McGalla. Meanwhile, Wilson may still not be out of the woods. The Justice Department is still conducting an investigation into whether Wilson violated Brown’s civil rights and Brown’s family is still considering a lawsuit against Wilson in spite of the fact that he was not indicted.

Does Running Make us Stay Young? posted by on December 4, 2014

According to the NY times health and nutrition board. If you want to stay young you have to do one thing and do it well: run!

Run and not walk, run baby run. At least that is what the research shows. Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez says that it asserts that, while walking is good for the health, it is the people who have the pace that display the coveted quality of youth-hood. Walking is beneficial in as many ways as running, but the benefit of younger looks were easily identified to those who run. 

The University of Colorado, in Boulder and Humboldt State University in Arcata California conducted this research. They showed that runners, had more energy and used less energy to walk, the speed of walkers, and interestingly at lower efforts. 
The interesting observation was seeing that a volunteer of seventy years old, a runner, had the same pace and walking energy levels to an average college student. In shot, if they were to take a walk, they would easily measure up, and perform as good as the College youngsters.

There is no doubt, that the research proves what the doctors have always used to gauge people’s life spans, how fast they can run, and how far.

According to Experts Divorce Rate is Declining in United States, Not Climbing as Pop Culture Would Have You Believe posted by on December 3, 2014

According to current research, divorce rates are actually not climbing, as pop culture would have us believe. According to researchers, divorce rates are actually on the decline, since they peaked in the late 1970s and early 1980s.


It is no longer true that half of all marriages end in divorce. According to researchers, about 70% of marriages that took place in the 1990s reached their 15th wedding anniversary without a divorce. Those who got married in the millennium, so far are divorcing at even slower rates.


So, what is leading to the change? According to experts, the average age of those getting married, birth control, and education are all attributing to married couples staying together. Bruce Karatz says that he is with the experts on this one and, it is now perfectly acceptable for people not to marry, and thus they are holding out and waiting longer to get married. By doing this, they are more financial stable and more mature, meaning their marriage starts off with fewer problems.


Additionally, the change in gender roles is attributing to fewer divorces, as the number of “love marriage” has risen substantially. A love marriage is a marriage between two people who simply love each other. In past decades marriages of necessity or convenience were more common.


Experts also argue that the upswing in the divorce rate in the 1970s and 1980s were largely due to cultural forces, such as feminism and the upheaval that came with it, that simply are not a factor today. Experts suggest that it is possible that about 2/3rds of all marriages entered into now will not end in divorce, which is contrary to the popular believe that divorce is more common today because there is no stigma attached to it.

Loni Anderson Explains Why She’s Selling Everything Burt Reynolds Gave Her posted by on December 3, 2014

While Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson had a storybook beginning to their marriage, their divorce was one of the messiest in Hollywood history. So when you hear that Anderson has decided to sell everything he gave her during their marriage, you might think it’s because she’s angry. I heard about their divorce from Bernardo Chua.

But Anderson told “Entertainment Tonight” that she is selling the sixty-five items because she has just decided its time to downsize. Among the items she is selling are furs and jewelry Reynolds gave to her during their marriage, as well as the customized designer dress she wore during their 1988 wedding ceremony.

Ex-hubby Reynolds is also selling off a number of his pieces of memorabilia from his career, including the iconic car he drove in the movie “Smokey and the Bandit.” He’s also selling the Golden Globe he won in 1988 for his supporting role in “Boogie Night.” Reynolds also told “Entertainment Tonight” that he isn’t broke, but is looking to downsize his life.

Family of Five Turned Away by Shelter, Receive a Helping Hand from Local Police and 911 Dispatchers posted by on December 3, 2014

A family of five in Jonhson City, Tennessee was turned away by the Salvation Army Shelter. The family of 5, which included an adult male, an adult female, a 16-year-old girl, a 15-year-old boy and a five-year-old boy, were seeking shelter on a blustery evening, but the shelter said they could not accommodate their 15-year-old son.


The shelter, which has a policy of turning away boys between the ages of 12 and 16, says they simply cannot accommodate maturing boys. According to the shelter, the boy was too young to stay on the men’s side, but too old to be housed with the women and children.


The family returned to their car to keep warm for the evening when police found them. The police attempted to broker a deal between the shelter and the family, but were unsuccessful. What they did next was remarkable. A group of officers pooled their money and took the family to a local motel. While they worked with the front desk to procure the family a room, workers realized what was going on and decided to comp the room for the family.


Police officers and 911 dispatchers started working together, and quickly raised funds for the family. They were able to buy groceries and give the family enough money for dinner and some extras, including items from Qnet. The family is now working with government agencies to enroll the children in school and find a permanent living situation.


The 15-year-old son is being treated at a local area hospital for stress and anxiety. According to a family representative, he is being treated for mental health issues stemming from the shelter incident. The Salvation Army will be reviewing the shelter’s policy regarding maturing boys

Exercise Can Improve Your Memory and is Good for Your Brain posted by on December 3, 2014

Exercising regularly is known to have many benefits. It keeps us in shape, reduces stress and improves our mood, but can it also make us smarter? Specialist Lee G. Lovett says that a new study done by the University of Tallahassee in Florida and the University of Urbana-Champaign in Illinois supports the idea that exercise has cognitive benefits such as improved memory and thinking skills. 

In the study about one half of participants were asked a series of questions that included expectation of increased memory and thinking ability due to anaerobic exercise such as stretching and toning. The other half of those surveyed were asked a series of questions that included their expectation of increased cognitive abilities due to aerobic exercise such as walking. The majority of people surveyed believed that anaerobic exercise such as stretching will have a much greater impact on their memory and thinking than aerobic exercise such as walking and jogging.

Although this study did not actually track people’s exercise routines and how much they exercised it did find out that people expected anaerobic exercise such as stretching to have a bigger impact on their cognitive ability than aerobic exercise such as walking. In actual studies anaerobic exercise has little to no effect on cognitive abilities such as memory and critical thinking. Aerobic exercise however, is found to significantly improve cognitive ability such as memory and thinking in many studies.

The results of this study supports the idea that aerobic exercise does indeed improve cognitive abilities such as memory. It also disproves the idea that improvement in brain function from exercise is a result of the placebo effect, which is people expect their memory to improve, and it improves because of their expectation and not from exercise. As seen in the study respondents expected higher increases in brain function from anaerobic exercise, while studies done in the past show the opposite is true. This study busts the idea that improvement in brain function from exercise is a result of a placebo effect. Exercising really does improve your brains abilities and yes it can make you smarter. 

Expectations of Ferguson Protesters for President Obama Misguided posted by on December 3, 2014

On Tuesday December 2, 2014, President Obama held a conference at the White House between the leaders of various protest groups from the unrest in Missouri and other federal officials. However, shallow grandstanding doesn’t appear to be enough any longer, “What we need him to do now is him use the power of his position, the power of the highest office of the land to enact some real change,” Ashley Yates, a leader in the Missouri-based Millennial Activists United said after the Oval Office meeting.


The power that these groups want from President Obama is for him to use is his Executive Order privileges. The president’s recent use of that power to give amnesty for the Latino community is opening the door to such sentiments in other minority communities. That is a danger of misusing this executive power, and something Brian Torchin will be monitoring.


On the Facebook and Twitter accounts for Ms. Yates group, there are no demands or clear declarations of intent. Other protesters, however, have made calls for the ousting of the police chief and mayor of Ferguson as well as changes to the laws dealing with minor fines and prison time. These are not areas that the federal branch of U.S. Government has authority so Obama’s executive orders cannot be effective. Changes need to come to Ferguson and communities like it, but the president is not where they should be looking.

Slowing HIV Down posted by on December 2, 2014

There is some good news for those who suffer from HIV or those who know others who have the disease. After careful research, HIV might be evolving so that it’s not as contagious as it was before. There is also the possibility that the disease is less deadly than first thought. The reason for the weakening of the disease is that it’s adapting to the immune system. Researchers have seen that the disease takes longer to develop into AIDS. This is positive news for those who have recently contracted the disease or those who fear that they might not live that long after they get HIV.


There are people who live their lives thinking that they will die at any time from a disease that has no cure, but if it develops slower in the body, then it gives doctors and researchers more time to try to find a cure. Brian Torchin is hoping that information continues to be gathered.